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Core Aeration & Your Lawn


Core Aeration and its Benefits

Mechanical Core aeration is the removal of small cores of soil and thatch from your lawn. After being pulled up from the ground, these cores are left behind to sit on top of the lawn, allowing for the essential nutrients they contain to be redistributed and used by the grass. Aeration serves to improve and maintain the health of your lawn in a variety of ways. Following aeration, soil compaction is greatly reduced. This allows for a variety of benefits including:

Improved movement and uptake of water and nutrients, and stronger root development for the grass plants - stronger, deeper root systems are better able to withstand drought, disease, and insect stress as well as choke out and prevent weeds.



How Does Core Aeration Work?

After booking a Core Aeration service, your Weed Man Technician arrives on the scheduled date to perform the procedure. The technician runs the Aeration Machine across your lawn, and a series of hollow coring tines puncture the soil, removing small soil plugs. These cores of soil and thatch are left behind to break down and disappear within 7-14 days.


When Should Core Aeration be done?

Whether your lawn is healthy as can be, or on its way to becoming healthier, core aeration is a highly beneficial process that all homeowners should consider. We typically recommend Aerating a lawn 1 or 2 times per season depending on the lawns condition, with the service being performed either in the Spring or Fall.

Should you book an Aeration?

Aeration is critical for the development of newly sodden lawns, as it improves the relationship between the soil and the turfgrass, starting it off healthy and moving in the right direction. Performing an aeration prior to re-seeding or over seeding a lawn will heighten seed to soil contact, improving the germination result of planting new grass seed. Homeowners with stressed or damaged lawns should consider an Aeration to help improve the health of their turf, while homeowners with a perfect lawn should Aerate in an effort to maintain the health of their grass.

Call your local Weed Man professional for details.


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